Friday, September 05, 2014


As I walked along the garden path
moonlight entwined with mist
I spied a rose laying softly upon the bench
sealed sweetly with a kiss

I've seen it lo,
these past two months
when night quietly descends
My secret lover these
gifts doth bring
my passion's fire to tend

I do not know my admirer's kiss
his touch nor his embrace
Yet I live to feel his love alone
imagining his face

To one night upon the misty moor
engage in love's delight
Realizing this my only dream
to have my love in sight

This love as a sweet red rose
vulnerable, fresh, new
Would cover him til morning's light
mingling with the dew

How come he to know of me?
To tease me with his heart?
Inspiring such passions yet unknown
such longings in the dark?

I sit alone red rose in hand
holding it to my breast
Praying he is watching me
his love to be confessed

I bring my lips to kiss
each delicate petal as they fall
I feel a presence
my heart be still
as I long to hear his call

The gentle breeze caresses me
as it carries forth my wish
To have him come to me this night
to steal me with a kiss

I see a shadow against the moon
he speaks declaring his love for evermore
He is the man I always loved
but silently adored

We lay as one beneath the garden wall
our secret ours alone
Our hearts now one
our love transcending all we've ever known

Now each night as twilight falls
as the moon beckons soft and tender
My admirer-my lover
brings me one red rose
and his sweet surrender

Friday, June 27, 2014



For innocent love that springs anew...

For love ending in the grey dawn...

For passionate hellos...

For bittersweet goodbyes...

My time on Earth made richer and fuller by experiences that touched my soul and shattered it.

All culminating at this moment - this final moment as light fades and fills my consciousness with a new light that will never die.

For all I have learned of love...

For all yet to learn...

For senses heightened by desire and longing...

For sweet solitude shared in moonlight...

Play on sweet music for love, for beauty, for us, in tears... jm

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


"Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved KYCRAFT
Used here within guidelines delineated on website

Hold me in your love
let the rose petals fall
upon my skin
as I touch those places
deep within your heart
and drink your soul within

Indulge me in the pleasures
of my wicked fantasies
for my desires are most real
though I feign modesty

Enveloped in soft satin
the night as velvet black
my heart yearning to love you
and never again turn back

For you are the manifestation
of a lifelong reverie
I am but your fulfillment
take me unconditionally

Let us not be bound
by Earthly supplications
we are our own destiny
we must make our revelations

Indulge me in the pleasures
of a passion undenied
for one night alone with you
refutes the man nights I've cried

Hold me in your love
let the rose petals fall
upon my skin
you are my despair's ending
and where eternity begins...

Friday, March 14, 2014


Creamy white perfection
Silly, smooth
Strung in endless circles
Upon my skin

Each one representing
A year spent in happiness
An outward expression
Of the love he feels within

Young and in love
Each night a fantasy relived
Making love under the stars
Wearing nothing but his gift...

Years passing quickly
Our love multiplied by two
With hope and trust enduring
Passed on to love so true

This day another promise made
A vow to be forever one
A time of celebration
As we gain a son

These circles of white perfection
Silky, smooth
Now strung in endless circles
Upon her skin

To make new memories
Share new dreams
Untouched by age
Trusting in the love
That brought them to this stage

As we gaze upon the couple
So happy and in love
We remember those nights
Spent in young passion
As we celebrate the future
With the moon and stars above.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


You and your pretense
Your airs of perfection
Your feigned concern
Using my feelings to hold me to your will

You think you are irresistible
You claim to be brilliant
Yet, you are ignorant
Of what true love really means

Sitting on your throne
Expecting people to bow to you
Thinking love is all about
Your satisfaction only

You pushed aside my love
You spurned my loyalty
You gave me nothing in return
For my everything

Years spent thinking only of you...
Loving you my all...
Just to find you never even cared

My energy faith shattered...
My heart, broken

So what now?
Am I to continue the charade?
Continue giving you all my heart can hold
While being invisible to you?


Truth has been my salvation and my pain
The truth that you only love you
That you have been blinded and bought
Stripped of what once made you beautiful...
Of what made my soul long to be part of yours

How sad that for you in the end
All you will have is your reflection
Empty of the presence of one who loved all of you...

I, now swept away in a tidal wave within forever...


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

~The Rose~


I gave my love a bright red rose
As we watched the falling snow
We embraced within the shadows
Underneath the mistletoe

Carols in the distance
Reminded us this night
Of the reason for the feeling
That makes our hearts so light

For on this night of wonder
So many years before
Came to us the gift of love
That all the world adored

Twas then the revelation
Only this season can impart
Gifts of wrap and fancy dressing
Are no match for a loving heart

So we walked amongst the trees
To a clearing far below
Where we heard the songs of Angels
Beneath the stars aglow

We stared in abject awe
At one star amongst them all
That had a special brilliance
As to us it did call

Bells rang as the trees swayed
In the incandescent light
As we gave to each other the greatest gift
On this very special night

Then we knelt and prayed under that star
For the Babe in swaddling clothes
As we laid the rose upon the ground
And our tears began to flow

For we realized the splendor
Of the true gifts from up above
Laughter, joy, friendship
Passion, faith and love

We will remember all our lives
This night spent in the snow
That he was the gift that yielded love
As the winter snow yields the Rose.

Repost of my poem for the season. Wishing you all peace, love and hope.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Softly he passes by
His perfectly shaped feet
Caressing the ground he walks on...

His body firm, smooth
Glistening against the reflection
Of the river bank where I lay, waiting...

The scent of honeysuckle and hibiscus
Fill the air
Intoxicating my senses...

My longing for him intense
As the noonday sun...

Slowly I rub oils on my skin
Anticipating the ecstasy that awaits...

No other thought, only to please him.

At last, he comes...
We lay among the flowers
Two lost souls now become one
Lost in each other...

My dreams of a thousand years
All fulfilled with one embrace-
One touch-
One kiss...

Apples fall from trees above us...
We eat of them-
Succulent, juicy, sweet as his love...

I pull him towards me again
My longing insatiable...

He comes into me, into my soul
My heart, my essence...

His movements as one with mine-
His mouth soft upon my skin-
His hands firm around me -

Our pleasures immeasurable...

As the summer breeze and waning sun
Give rise to the moon and stars
He takes me again in his arms

With whispers of his longing for me
Filling the scented air...
We melt into the velvet night

Never to be seen again.